English for you! 1. Horizontes

Título: English for you! 1. Horizontes
Autores: N.D.
Páginas: 240
Edición: Primera
Año: N.D.
Impresión: Color
Formato: 21 x 27.5 cm

English for you! 1. Horizontes

Lengua extranjera (inglés)

The purpose of studying English in our secondary school system is for students to participate in social practices of the language. These practices include oral and written tasks to help students consolidate language use. English for You! 1 has been designed to expose your students to such practices and to provide them with enough opportunities to participate in them.

You will find activities and tasks focused on the development of skills and strategies for text interpretation, reflection on language usage and discourse creation. We have followed, in the design of activities and tasks, the ?Experiential Learning Cycle,? this is why we recommend that you guide and promote reflections on the way language systems work to create discourse for authentic communication.

Written texts are an important element in this book, this is why we offer students a variety of cross cultural and cross curricular contents. These texts introduce the use of English in authentic realife situations, and are appropriate for teenagers? interests.

You will find, in every lesson, a systematic approach to teach students to be effective language learners. You will also find, at the end of each unit, a space where students check and reflect on their learning process. This space is for students to self evaluate competence acquisition so that they can plan the way to improve their learning process.

We are sure that you will find, in this book, a clear motivation for students to enjoy learning English to be used in this modern world we live in.